Startup Report Austria 2018 (4th Annual Edition)

Startup Report Austria

Recording of the Launch Event in Vienna, 21.3.19

Scroll down to find the recording of the Report presentation and the founder panel of Austrias top funded founders.



The 4th annual edition is now available. Get your free copy now for a limited time.

Report Presentation

The hottest trends and insights from all funding deals that happened in Austria in 2018. Presented by yours truly, Flo Kandler. (Click video below to start)

Founder Panel

These 5 founders raised over € 100.000.000! In 2018, they raised over 33% of all money raised in Austria. In this Q&A, they give insights into their success secrets and answer quetions from the audience. (Click video below to start)


Stats and insights across all funding deals:

Startup Report Austria
  • 101 funding deals of € 250.000+
  • 45 founder Q&As with funding tips
  • Guest articles from 7 ecosystem insiders: Gabriele Tatzberger (head of startup services at Vienna Business Agency), Thomas in der Maur (expert startup lawyer), Andreas Tomek (cyber securty expert at KPMG), Oliver Csendes (startup festival organizer at pioneers), Emanuel Bröderbauer (startup founder and sme expert at Erste Bank), Marcus Handl (corporate accelerator expert at Kapsch).

Founder Q&A: the funded founders share fundraising tips and insights

Funding Report Founder Q&A

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Who were the 4.500 readers of Startup Report Austria last year...

31% To-be founders 27% First-time founders 6% Experienced founders 15% Corporates 11% Startup mentors & advisors 7% Investors 3% Journalists


These active contributors to our Austrian startup ecosystem support the mindset and mission of Startup Report. They help create and spread the knowledge and inspiration of Startup Report. You guys rock!



Learn about the man and the mission behind Startup Report Austria

Hi, I'm Florian Kandler. I'm a three-time founder from Vienna, who's companies have raised over €3 million of funding. 

I know how tough it is to raise capital. And how great it feels, when you close a round of funding and take your startup to the next level of growth.

Startup Report is one of my passion projects since 2015, and is part of my platform that aims to help European founders build fundable businesses.

I want to inspire founders in Austria. Show them that "it can be done here" (= the funding list in the report)! Show local role models (= the founders in the report). And, very importantly, invite the successful founders to share their fundraising tips and insights with the community (the Q&A in the report).

I hope you will enjoy reading Startup Report, get inspired, and learn from the successful founders.

Sincerely yours,

Florian Kandler - Keep up that startup spirit!

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